Life Science Solutions

Predictive science is a powerful means for determining if, when and to what extent an individual patient may benefit from a given therapy; also, for determining risk of disease, mortality, adverse events or the like. Whether you are developing pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, genomics or other life science products, Health Outcomes Sciences is uniquely positioned to help you harness the full strength of predictive science to drive clinician adoption and market acceptance.

Instead of waiting years for your novel therapy to be recognized and embraced by industry-sanctioned guidelines and performance measures, we offer an accelerated approach. It works like this . . .

  • With our patented ePRISM® content enablement platform, you have the means to translate predictive models constructed from clinical trial datasets into fully automated, evidence-based decision support solutions for use at the point of care.
  • You can extend those solutions to targeted providers who are subsequently able to objectively measure both the predicted risk and benefit of your novel therapy for their patients; also, to facilitate a meaningful dialogue with their patients for purposes of shared decision-making.
  • You receive structured feedback in the form of reports and dashboards that illuminate key performance indicators (KPIs) and utilization metrics.
  • You are able to reconcile the level of adherence to recommended protocols, if applicable.
  • You acquire exceptional insights not otherwise available, you gain visibility and validation, and you help cultivate a new norm for personalized care and precision medicine.

Think of us as your Clinical Prediction Chip™. You may easily pair one or more predictive decision support solutions with any pre- or post-approval trial, study or market campaign.

For example, you can deploy solutions that compute predictive measurements of survival or quality of life both with and without your novel therapy. The types of predictive measurements are vast; virtually anything is possible. The only caveat is, to be effective, solutions should be actionable within routine clinical care.

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