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If your provider organization is seeking innovative solutions to drive clinical transformation and excellence, our patented ePRISM® content enablement platform can foster a new norm of precision medicine.

Whether you are focused on variances in care, appropriate use, best practices, patient satisfaction, quality management, RAC reviews or other related concerns, our predictive content solutions help you achieve significant and sustainable improvements in clinical outcomes, which translate to substantive (often millions of dollars in) cost savings and revenue increases.

Whereas most other analytics and clinical decision support solutions address populations of patients and heterogeneity of care, our predictive content solutions address individual patients and personalization of care. We have the unique ability to incorporate fully automated risk, appropriate use and other predictive measurements into the clinical decision-making process — prospectively and in real-time — for any discipline, modality or setting.

This type of predictive rationale leads to less underuse, overuse and misuse, and can prove a powerful contributor to risk-bearing and value-based arrangements. It is also ideally suited to supporting shared decision-making between patients and clinicians, especially when measurements and related contextual information is incorporated to educational materials, consent forms, discharge plans and the like.

Think of us as your Clinical Prediction Chip. You may easily pair key areas of concern with targeted predictive content solutions.

For example, if your incidence of bleeding or acute kidney injury following percutaneous coronary interventions is higher than the NCDR national average or top decile, implementing predictive content solutions that measure individual patient risk of these complications can help reverse the trend. Plus, at a cost of $8,658 per major bleeding event and $10,667 per acute kidney injury event, these two predictive content solutions alone can produce a seven-figure annual cost savings.

Illuminating individual patient risk of bleeding or acute kidney injury — through models authored by the American College of Cardiology — supports clinicians in making better, more informed decisions concerning drugs, techniques, device types, procedure staging, contrast volume, etc.; also, in justifying inpatient admissions based on the CMS standard for “medical predictability of something adverse happening to a patient,” which protects you from RAC denials.

In addition to individual patient risk of complications, we offer predictive content solutions that address disease, mortality, readmissions, rational consumption of resources, comparative effectiveness, survival, quality of life, health status and functional recovery.

If you are an academic medical center, ePRISM® can support your research efforts by adapting the scientific models your teams build or study and optimizing their utility within relevant clinical workflows and settings across the enterprise.

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