Healthcare Payer Solutions

If you aim to cultivate high-reliability, high-quality healthcare among your contracted providers, we can help.

Whereas most other analytics and clinical decision support solutions address populations of patients and heterogeneity of care, our predictive content solutions address individual patients and personalization of care. Our patented ePRISM® content enablement platform ensures that treatments align with individual risk, appropriate use and other predictive measurements, which translates to less variance in care and more optimal clinical and financial outcomes.

We have the unique ability to incorporate fully automated predictive measurements into the clinical decision-making process — prospectively and in real time — for any discipline, modality or setting.

Think of us as your Clinical Prediction Chip™. You may easily pair key areas of concern with targeted predictive content solutions.

For example, if the percent of inpatient admissions for percutaneous coronary interventions is higher than average at a particular network hospital or health system (or higher than your benchmark), implementing predictive content solutions that measure individual patient risk can support clinicians in making better, more informed decisions, and in documenting their rationale. In this instance, the medical predictability of bleeding, acute kidney injury or mortality — illuminated through models authored by the American College of Cardiology — offers clinicians a means to determine whether inpatient admissions for percutaneous coronary interventions are justified.

Our predictive content solutions embody evidence-based precision medicine. In addition to individual patient risk of adverse events, including mortality, we offer predictive content solutions that address disease, readmissions, rational consumption of resources, comparative effectiveness, survival, quality of life, health status and functional recovery.

We understand that transitioning from fee-for-service to risk-bearing and value-based arrangements requires innovative, data-driven solutions. In conjunction with (or in lieu of) the use of our predictive content solutions by your contracted providers, you may opt to employ them internally, as a contributing variable to the underwriting of client risk or the prior authorization of treatments.

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