Data Registry Solutions

Health Outcomes Sciences is uniquely positioned to complement your retrospective data analysis and benchmarking with solutions for prospective assessment of risk, appropriate use, comparative effectiveness, health status, survival and other drivers of quality and outcomes.

Showing clinicians key performance indicators (KPIs) that compare their results to an average or top decile is inarguably of great value, but giving clinicians a direct, real-time means to effect improvements within routine clinical care — day in and day out, one patient at a time — is a game changer.

Our patented ePRISM® content enablement platform is an ideal backdrop for a precision medicine toolkit or a full-scale precision medicine initiative that aligns with your registry program. Through ePRISM®, your registry participants have access to automated solutions that compute predictive measurements at the point of care, to aid clinical decision-making.

Whether your registry tracks a procedure, condition, disease, therapy, modality, diagnosis or other clinical event, our predictive content solutions can help you and your participants cultivate a new norm for personalized care.

Think of us as your Clinical Prediction Chip. You may easily pair one or more predictive content solutions with your data registry.

For example, your organization could promote predictive content solutions that discern:

  • likelihood of peri- or post-procedure adverse events;
  • risk of disease;
  • appropriate use of drugs or imaging;
  • comparative effectiveness of treatment options; or
  • probability of survival at 1, 3 and 5 years.

The possibilities are vast. We work with you to identify predictive models that best address the needs of your registry participants, whether available in the public domain, licensed from a third-party, derived from research your organization oversees, or built from scratch.

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