We Are Your Ally

No matter what type of healthcare organization you represent — whether you deliver patient care or you serve those who do — think of us as your Clinical Prediction Chip. We are your ally in helping advance the practice of personalized precision medicine through use of automated and actionable predictive content solutions.

Our patented ePRISM® content enablement platform allows you to integrate evidence-based risk, appropriate use and other predictive measurements to care processes across a healthcare enterprise, for any discipline, modality or setting. We have the unique ability to synthesize data already captured in other information systems and apply it as the basis for real-time clinical decision-making targeted to individual patients.

At the core of all our predictive content solutions are models published in scientific annals and validated by clinical researchers. We are also able to translate models proprietary to your organization.

Our predictive content solutions address key variables impacting quality and value-based initiatives, such as preventable adverse events, mortality, disease and readmissions. Our solutions also address rational consumption of resources, comparative effectiveness, survival, health status, treatment determination, functional recovery and probability of a defined outcome.

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