What Problems Do We Solve?

Achieving Clinical Transformation

In spite of tremendous advances in medicine, most healthcare organizations still lack a practical means to quickly, objectively and uniformly assess and stratify risk for an individual patient, be it risk of disease, mortality, readmission, complications or other adverse events.

Myriad predictive models have been developed and validated through scientific research, but existing enterprise technologies for EHR, population health, business intelligence, EDW and analytics are not structured to deploy them.

Consequently, clinical decisions reflect the average patient as opposed to the individual patient. Clinicians typically estimate an individual patient’s risk based on experience and intuition. However, when compared to evidence-based predictive models and statistically-validated determinants, that approach is typically shown to be inexact at best.

All of this leads to treatments that reflect heterogeneity of benefit, meaning some patients gain significantly, whereas others gain very little, or not at all.

Our patented ePRISM® content enablement platform is poised to confront this shortcoming, and better inform clinicians and patients alike. We have the unique ability to incorporate fully automated predictive measurements into routine clinical care for any discipline, modality or setting. Clinical decisions are personalized, treatments are tailored, risks are mitigated and outcomes are optimized.

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