What Do We Sell?

Incorporating Predictive Science to Routine Clinical Care

When you commit to incorporating the use of personalized predictive science to routine clinical care, we commit to helping you achieve optimal success.

We don’t just deliver technology, we deliver a comprehensive clinical transformation program that ensures your organization realizes discernable improvements in outcomes.

A subscription to our ePRISM® platform is paired with an array of interrelated professional services designed to provision the initial implementation as well as ongoing maintenance and support.

Our engagement team employs a standardized, multi-faceted methodology that considers the specific content solutions you are adopting as well as the goals and expectations of your stakeholders. This typically involves administrative leadership at the enterprise and service line level, clinicians and care team members who will use the predictive measurements for decision support, quality management and performance improvement personnel who will monitor and respond to outcomes analytics, and the information technology group that will manage integration and security concerns.

Clinical Transformation to The Power of e3

We subscribe to The Power of e3 as the basis for clinical transformation: eMPOWER, eVOLVE and eLEVATE.

  • Stage 1: eMPOWER — By displaying predictive measurements in the flow of care and enabling clinicians and care team members to personalize decisions, your organization lays the groundwork for clinical transformation.
  • Stage 2: eVOLVE — By motivating clinicians and care team members to follow protocols consistent with predictive measurements, your organization enhances its ability to effect clinical transformation.
  • Stage 3: eLEVATE — By sharing outcomes analytics with clinicians, care team members and other stakeholders, and facilitating performance improvement initiatives, your organization is poised to realize true clinical transformation.

Dedicated Engagement Resources

The path toward go live of the ePRISM® platform and your chosen content solutions is paved by a dedicated team of engagement associates.

Engagement Lead

At the helm is an engagement lead who serves as the primary liaison to all parties. The engagement lead constructs a project plan that defines tasks, timelines, milestones and dependencies as well as the requisite resources, roles and responsibilities. Additionally, and as critically, the engagement lead, in concert with a consulting engagement specialist, collaborates with you on a charter that outlines overarching clinical transformation objectives and success criteria. It is the engagement lead who coordinates regular communication, reports on status, ensures deadlines are met, and resolves any unforeseen problems that may arise.

Clinical Engagement Specialist

The clinical engagement specialist guides you through highly structured workflow assessments to determine how best to adapt your chosen content solutions to routine clinical care, and how best to augment consent forms, educational materials or other documents with personalized predictive measurements. The clinical engagement specialist provides representative use cases and best practices for your chosen content solutions, which include references to the most closely and customarily aligned types of protocols. The clinical engagement specialist also delivers one-on-one and group training for end users, both on premise and via the web.

Technical Engagement Specialist

The technical engagement specialist manages the instantiation of the ePRISM® platform and underlying database, the development of interfaces for inbound and outbound data exchange, the design, configuration and branding of customized web pages or electronic documents for visualization of predictive measurements, and if applicable, the setup of remote web services for integration with allied technologies.

Consulting Engagement Specialist

The consulting engagement specialist collaborates with you to formulate and execute strategies for maximizing the impact of your chosen content solutions. This involves helping establish the overarching clinical transformation objectives and success criteria, advising you on methods for gauging progress, and serving as a proctor of sorts to ensure obstacles are addressed swiftly and diplomatically. The consulting engagement specialist counsels you on techniques for motivating and incentivizing clinicians and care team members to use predictive measurements as a basis for personalized decision-making. The consulting engagement specialist also facilitates the creation or modification of relevant protocols, and the respective monitoring of their adherence. The consulting engagement specialist spearheads the ongoing review of outcomes analytics with defined groups of stakeholders; confers on the remediation of unfavorable trends and the advancement of favorable trends, and offers assistance with the design and implementation of performance improvement initiatives. Additionally, the consulting engagement specialist demonstrates ways to enhance patient shared decision-making by incorporating personalized predictive measurements.