What Do We Sell?

Unlimited Content Capacity and Enterprise Scalability

The patented ePRISM® platform provides healthcare organizations a fully automated means to enable personalized predictive content and seamlessly adapt it to any workflow.

Predictive content may address risk (of complications, mortality, disease, readmissions and other adverse events), appropriate use, comparative effectiveness, functional assessment, health status, quality of life, treatment determination, survival duration or probability of a defined outcome. Its source may be a national organization, consortium, registry, researcher or institution.

Capacity of the ePRISM® platform is unlimited. Healthcare organizations may deploy any number of predictive content solutions, of any variety, within any number of care settings. ePRISM® is specialty agnostic and scalable across an enterprise, regardless of size or geography, and is capable of localization on a global basis.

Patented Concurrent Execution of Mathematical Models

The sophistication and uniqueness of ePRISM® is underscored by six healthcare domain technology patents, one of which asserts exclusivity over the ability to concurrently execute multiple mathematical models on behalf of an individual patient, with no redundancy of common data inputs (otherwise known as outcome determinants). In a single transaction, ePRISM® has the programmatic faculty to compute as many predictive measurements as may be applicable or desired.

For example, within a cardiovascular service line, ePRISM® can concurrently execute six separate and distinct mathematical models on behalf of an individual patient undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), and compute real-time predictive measurements for risk of bleeding, acute kidney injury, in-hospital mortality, restenosis and 30-day unplanned readmission; also, appropriate use of coronary revascularization. To the extent these models share common data inputs, ePRISM® aggregates and stores only one instance of them.

Personalized predictive measurements aid clinicians and other care team members with optimization of strategies for avoidance of adverse events, treatment planning and rational consumption of resources. In the example of PCI, this typically translates to choice of medications, catheter entry route, closure device, stent type, sheath size, admission status, procedure staging, discharge education, referrals, ongoing medical management, and the like.

Secure Cloud-Hosted SaaS Delivery

ePRISM® is delivered in a cloud-hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) fashion, which makes implementation fast and easy. Healthcare organizations don’t incur the time, labor or expense associated with installing, configuring, testing and maintaining dedicated hardware and software. We remove that burden completely.

User access to ePRISM® requires nothing more than a web browser and high-speed Internet connection. This affords the ultimate in mobility and convenience. Plus, ePRISM® is compatible with all types of computing devices: desktops, laptops, tablets, iPads and smartphones.

IT personnel appreciate that ePRISM® has a zero client footprint, meaning no plug-ins or downloads, and no Java or ActiveX.

ePRISM® is architected with state-of-the-art security provisions, including data encryption in flight and at rest, a comprehensive audit trail, and full compliance with HIPAA and HITECH requirements.

Data Harmonization and Allied Technology Integration

The data needed by ePRISM® can be acquired and synthesized in real time or in batch from any number of systems, such as EHR, lab, ADT, hemodynamic, EDW or the like. Conversely, ePRISM® can return predictive measurements (i.e., computed values) to these same or other systems for archiving and recordkeeping purposes.

ePRISM® has a rich and flexible API. Uni- and bi-directional interfaces are accomplished in a simple and straightforward manner using inbound and outbound HL7 messaging.

A subscription to ePRISM® harnesses the power of an underlying clinical ontology able to harmonize individual patient data from disparate sources and apply it to any number of mathematical models.

Remote web services are available for an additional, deeper level of integration that allows ePRISM® to launch within an allied technology platform, such as Epic, McKesson, Cerner or other. This also includes the option of unattended monitoring to trigger the processing of predictive measurements based on the presence of a specific data value or the occurrence of a pre-defined event.

Multi-Format Output Visualization

Predictive measurements computed by ePRISM® may be incorporated to customized web pages or electronic documents, and for branding purposes, may feature imagery specific to a user organization, such as a logo. Alternatively, predictive measurements may be distributed to discrete fields or locations within a separate, compatible system, such as an EHR.

eLUMEN™ is a highly dynamic adjunct to the ePRISM® platform that allows multiple predictive measurements to be visualized on a single screen. In the PCI example referenced above, the output of all six models may be easily consolidated via eLUMEN™ for display on a cardiac cath lab boom.

A user organization may also choose to augment internal and patient-facing documents with relevant predictive measurements and associated graphics. From educational materials, patient letters and care plan summaries to consent forms, case notes and discharge instructions, the opportunities are abundant and the possibilities expansive.