What Do We Sell?

Enabling Predictive Content

Our patented ePRISM® content enablement platform provides instantaneous access to predictive models at the point of care, wherever and whenever clinical decisions are most critical. Models are evidence based, validated and peer reviewed, and the data required to run them can be synthesized in real time from any number of systems, such as EHR, lab, ADT, hemodynamic, EDW or the like.

Is it cookbook medicine? No, absolutely not. It’s personalized precision medicine that creates a foundation for high-reliability, quality-driven healthcare.

For all intents and purposes, ePRISM® offers a new [computable] vital sign.

ePRISM® is designed to arm physicians with predictive insights complementary to — but not available from — established decision support, analytics, guidelines and order set solutions.

Why is this important, and valuable?

Although vast scientific evidence has been amassed concerning determinants of patient outcomes, this knowledge has not previously been translated to a form usable during routine clinical care. For the most part, pathways and protocols tend to reflect physician preference; clinical decisions reflect the average patient as opposed to the individual patient; and treatments reflect the heterogeneity of benefit, meaning some patients benefit significantly, whereas others benefit very little, or not at all. ePRISM® is poised to confront these shortcomings and to better inform clinicians and patients alike.

Operationalizing the use of predictive models can result in substantially improved clinical and financial performance. Reducing overuse leads to cost savings; reducing underuse leads to revenue increases; and reducing misuse leads to safer, more effective care. Operationalizing the use of predictive models also instantiates unimpeachable, well-documented data to support value-based payment arrangements and RAC reviews.

ePRISM® is accessible on virtually any type of computing device:  desktop, laptop, tablet, iPad, smartphone or other, and if desired, can be fully integrated to an allied technology platform already established within the relevant clinical workflow, such as an EHR.

A wide variety of predictive models can be enabled within ePRISM® to address patient risk (of complications, mortality, disease, readmissions and other adverse events), appropriate use, comparative effectiveness, functional assessment, quality of life, health status, treatment determination, survival duration or probability of a defined outcome. Models may come from a national organization, consortium, registry, researcher or institution. Outputs can be displayed electronically in a customized web page format, and can also be rapidly transformed into educational materials, patient letters, consent forms, care plan summaries, etc.

ePRISM® is specialty agnostic and scalable across an enterprise, to any number of sites, departments and users. It is also capable of localization on a global basis.

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