Partnering with Heartbase to Deliver Added Value Within Cardiology

Victor JohansonBlog

By Ryan T. Fox, Vice President Sales & Marketing

Last week we announced the partnership between Health Outcomes Sciences and heartbase, the premier database for Health Care.  The hbCOR solution gives clients full control of valuable hospital-owned clinical data (ACC-NCDR, STS, CMS, GWTG, The Joint Commission, VQI & more) to bring performance in line with national standards, generate dictationless procedure notes, comply with registry requirements, and identify and apply emerging best practices.  By adding the proven risk stratification models available through HOS’s ePRISM solution, hospitals will now be able to take their quality improvement efforts to the next level.

This partnership comes at a crucial time to push the envelope and drive further away from Fee For Service Medicine in Cardiology.   With mandatory cardiac bundles on the horizon, the clock is ticking to develop quality improvement initiatives and prepare for the start of the bundles in January 2018.

We are excited to be working with heartbase to bring added value to the cardiology field.  To learn more about heartbase and their dbCOR platform, click here.  To read the full release, click here.