Now offering Single Sign On with ePRISM

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By Jason Toubia, MCPD, Senior Developer

Health Outcomes Sciences (HOS) now offers Single Sign On with ePRISM

How many Logins and Passwords can a person remember? Even with the attempts by hospital IT departments to limit the number of vendor systems in the ecosystem, the marketplace continues to fragment with new solutions that find their way into the workflow.

HOS has been working with hospitals for a number of years, entering various points in the workflow. A separate sign-on process with HOS was reasonable, although inconvenient. As interest in Personalized, Predictive Analytics continues to grow, however, the placement of interaction with HOS continues to be targeted for specific points in the workflow and facilitating specific integration of information. The separate login and password is no longer an inconvenience, but a barrier in adoption.

The HOS technology team went to work recently with third party SSO (Single Sign On) vendors. This month marks the release of support for PingFederate and Microsoft AD FS, creating a seamless sign-on relationship for clinicians. The use of SAML, which represents XML-based requests between two entities confirming security access, proved easier than expected. Even an off-premise SAAS solution being accessed within the clinical ecosystem, the authentication of a user and authorization for access, generates an always available environment for the HOS solution.

The capabilities of SSO are often not well understood. For some users, there is an expectation that SSO allows for some inherent integration and flow of data between disparate systems. Unfortunately, not true. Disparate systems must still negotiate the exchange of data, for which healthcare offers a number of methods and standards, each with its own challenges. Coming soon is the promise of FHIR! HOS is working with key industry partners in the exploration and test modeling of FHIR Apps, although none are ready for commercial use at this time.

SSO for PingFederate and Microsoft AD FS required modifications in ePRISM, generating the next major release for HOS. With V4.1, HOS users experience the benefits of SSO along with an additional impressive new set of features and available Predictive Models.

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