National Kidney Month

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Working to Eliminate Acute Kidney Injury from PCI Procedures.

The month of March is recognized every year as national kidney month. Over 26 million Americans today have some form of kidney disease, and most aren’t even aware of it. Many of those that are aware of it are waiting on a transplant list of over 95,000 people. We support the National Kidney Foundation in their fight against kidney disease.

There are many causes of kidney disease including high blood pressure and diabetes, and although we don’t work directly with patient’s who have kidney disease, we are working to prevent acute kidney injury from PCI procedures, that can result in kidney disease and a life of dialysis. Understanding an individual’s specific risk of kidney injury can help physicians avoid these negative outcomes, by carefully regulating the amount of contrast that is used during a procedure. By displaying the patient’s risk, and contrast amount thresholds, physicians are empowered to make confident, informed decisions during the care episode, to avoid negative outcomes. We are continuously working to bring solutions like this to the point of care to avoid negative outcomes such as kidney injury.

Patient’s Risk of Acute Kidney Injury as Displayed in the Cath Lab

Kidney injury is absolutely preventable, and can be avoided in most cases, but many other forms of kidney disease are already taking hold of thousands that are unaware. The key to treatment is early detection to prevent further progression of the disease. We urge you to become more informed about kidney disease this month, and support the national kidney foundation in their battle against it. To learn more about kidney disease visit