Diverting from “One Size Fits All”

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PCI Care Transformed with a Patient Centered Approach Healthcare, as we know, is in constant motion. New technologies, ideas, and drugs are surfacing daily, making things extremely difficult for hospitals and providers to keep up.  It is imperative that health care organizations have the latest and greatest technology or risk falling by the wayside, but the expenses related to high-quality … Read More

The Missing Link – Making the Data Hospitals Collect, Actionable

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A student is working towards a college degree and is nearing the end of his term. He has one class left before he is able to graduate. During the course, the teacher informs the students that she will gather all of their work throughout the semester from various exercises and projects, but will not be able to give them a … Read More

Partnering with Heartbase to Deliver Added Value Within Cardiology

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By Ryan T. Fox, Vice President Sales & Marketing Last week we announced the partnership between Health Outcomes Sciences and heartbase, the premier database for Health Care.  The hbCOR solution gives clients full control of valuable hospital-owned clinical data (ACC-NCDR, STS, CMS, GWTG, The Joint Commission, VQI & more) to bring performance in line with national standards, generate dictationless procedure … Read More

National Kidney Month

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Working to Eliminate Acute Kidney Injury from PCI Procedures. The month of March is recognized every year as national kidney month. Over 26 million Americans today have some form of kidney disease, and most aren’t even aware of it. Many of those that are aware of it are waiting on a transplant list of over 95,000 people. We support the National … Read More


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By: Ryan Fox, VP Sales & Marketing and co-written by Taylor Hake, Client Experience Specialist CMS has been positioning for a shift in reimbursement models from volume to value-based care for a few years now, but with the MACRA final rule being published in October, this vision is finally becoming a reality. So how will health systems prepare for the coming … Read More

Health Literacy Awareness Month – October

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October is health literacy awareness month. Historically communication in healthcare has been challenging and stressful.  As an organization in healthcare IT, we want to help eliminate that stress, and disconnect patients sometimes feel with their healthcare system.  We have a responsibility to provide patients with tools that will help them come to more informed decisions about their treatment pathway.  To … Read More

Now offering Single Sign On with ePRISM

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By Jason Toubia, MCPD, Senior Developer Health Outcomes Sciences (HOS) now offers Single Sign On with ePRISM How many Logins and Passwords can a person remember? Even with the attempts by hospital IT departments to limit the number of vendor systems in the ecosystem, the marketplace continues to fragment with new solutions that find their way into the workflow. HOS … Read More

Making Data the Standard for Clinical Decisions

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By Ryan Fox, National Director, Health Outcomes Sciences, Inc.,   This blog is first in a series of posts by Ryan Fox sharing the progress being made through the partnership between the American College of Cardiology and Health Outcomes Sciences. Our work on the American College of Cardiology’s SMARTCare clinical model is still in the early stages of a 25-year partnership but … Read More

Value-Based Care

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By John McCartan, Vice President of Innovation, Health Outcomes Sciences, Inc.   For decades, the health care industry evolved at a fairly comfortable pace. Fee-for-service was standard operating procedure. Treatment plans had become fairly diverse. Physician’s treated patients based on training, prior experience and preferences. Today, health care is a trillion-dollar industry trying to move at an even faster clip. … Read More